Koki is a non-profit farm animal rescue organization, based in Slovenia (Europe). We receive no government funding, our operations are entirely dependent on donations.  We care for chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, pig and other animals rescued from commercial farms, farm animals who got lost, or have been found suffering from neglect or direct abuse on private properties. 

Our mission is to provide physical care for the rescued animals, restore their psychological wellbeing and their dignity, and enable them to live the rest of their lives in freedom and peace.  Through the stories of individual rescued animals we educate the public on the lives and being of these magnificent creatures whom the society usually perceives as mere commodities.  

And although at Koki we can do almost everything  – we can give love, we can give hugs,  we can even have very loud arguments (yes, wait and see!!, but we still love each other and  always make peace in the end), we CANNOT print money.

But we desperately need money. (Can you print money for us?) Humans here says it’s not that easy to print money but we’re hoping you can do it anyway.

WHY?We want to build the first Farm animal sanctuary in Slovenia  –  the first rescue and rehabilitation centre of this kind, which would also serve as an educational centre, educating people about the wonderful creatures whom most people consider mere commodities. Our current facility is small, our foster carers are stretched to their limits, and we’re finding ourselves in the heart-breaking situation of having to think twice before deciding to take in new animals in desperate need for care and a good home. They have nowhere else to go, and they depend on us: to injured, neglected, lost, rescued farm animals like chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, ducks, rabbits…animals in need, like we were before we came here and like he was, when we found him, but unfortunately for him it was too late. Rest in peace, dear boy…

We want to save them and enable them to live free for the rest of their lives.We want to give them a chance to speak, and educate people about who they truly are. We will do this step by step. The first and most urgent step is planned for January 2015. We need to buy a larger property . We are looking at regions with low property prices. We cannot make this dream come true on the small rented property where we live at the moment and where the Dream started with 30 of us rescued animals not too long ago. The landlords  and neighbours wouldn’t allow it anyway. 

We need you.

Please visit our website: And  please translate it with google… We’re sorry, but life’s busy here and we haven’t had time to translate it . 

‘Every donation – small or big –  is a step towards freedom. Your contribution will help build a safe haven for many more chickens, pigs, cows, goats, turkeys, rabbits and other animals in desperate need of freedom, dignity and peace. Let’s make it happen in 2015.  Please, be  part of this story. Farm animals need you so much.